Your Host

Victoria Proffitt-White

I am a born and bred Oxford girl, I take so much pride in living in such a beautiful part of the world,  and I want to share it with visitors and tourists. 

Strictly speaking, Oxford is not inside the Cotswolds area, it is located slightly to the east of the Cotswolds, but my meadow sits just inside the very eastern point of the Cotswolds, and so I have the fortunate position of being able to enjoy nearby Oxford and the whole of the Cotswolds. It's a stunning place to live and bring up a family.

Before Teacup Tours, I worked for Oxford University for many years, organising and managing lectures, events and tours for visitors from all over the world. I always enjoyed planning the tours the most, because this was where my local knowledge really came in handy. I looked for locations slightly away from the rest of the coach loads, sometimes something which was just for pure fun after a long morning of heavy going lectures, or a place which is just so beautiful I had to let my visitors (and by that point, new friends) experience too.

I am not a history guide, but I will research and provide you with all the historical information you need to fully appreciate your day with me. I plan for you to have a relaxing, mind and spirit lifting day, and to indulge in a pub lunch and  some afternoon treats along the way.